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Welcome to think like stråling - Welcome to people first.
In a world where humans are no longer seen as resources,
but as unique, rare individuals, it's about more than salary and benefits. It's about inspiring people, igniting their emotions and becoming their employer of choice.
Being an employer of choice isn't an overnight success.
It's a journey towards a positive future and also the foundation for whatever comes next.

People of tomorrow, today we are starting your magnificent journey to make your organization tomorrow's employer of choice. Being a part of this growth makes us proud and delighted. Think like stråling does not only mean to promote your own success, but also to enter a new era. An era in which employees and employers interact with mutual appreciation and face a successful future together. Thank you for joining our vision and for putting your trust in us.

Voices of stråling.
Die Wahrheit liegt in der Mitte facettenreicher Meinungen. Erfahre, wie führende Expert:innen auf People Experience & Organisationsentwicklung blicken.
Think beyond.
Die Welt verändert sich und mit ihr die Arbeitswelt.
Prognosen, Hypothesen und starke Meinungen.
Ein gewagter Blick in die Zukunft.
Alles Wissenswerte rund um People Experience, Organisationsentwicklung & stråling.
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